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The COMAX Morse Code Keyboard Replacement

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Comax is a method of using morse code to replace the keyboard on computers using Windows operating systems. Comax offers input codes for all the standard keys, not just the alphabet and numbers. Comax works with all Windows applications. Comax covers the full range of morse code speed, from the beginner using mouse input, to the handicapped using special switches, to the experienced morse operator running at high speed. Some of the Comax features are:

  • Comax is a software application. If the mouse is used for code input, no additional hardware is required.
  • The code is optionally sounded through the computer sound system, tone and volume may be adjusted.
  • One button mode (straight key) using mouse button
  • Two button keying mode (paddle) using mouse buttons
  • A mouse with key-jack for connection of your favorite key or paddle is available.
  • The mouse with key-jack may also be used for connection of switches for the handicapped.
  • An on-screen keyboard with code symbols may be enabled for training.
  • The regular keyboard may be enabled to sound the code.

Contact for further information: comax@comax.com


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